Healthcare Recruitment

A Cost-effective Solution to Your Permanent Healthcare Recruitment Needs!

Healthcare recruitment has always been difficult, time consuming and expensive. We wanted to change this.

The Directors of Quartz Healthcare know what it’s like to manage the costs associated with the recruitment of healthcare staff, as we have sat in your seat.

That’s what got us to start thinking – why do these agencies charge such high fees for healthcare recruitment? We have seen commission charges up to 25% of the first years’ salary, which is not an insignificant amount if you require a nurse or qualified staff. So at Quartz Healthcare, we keep it simple and set our pricing in a manner that is transparent and excellent value:-

Nurse/Psychologist/Social Worker/managers/qualified staff – £1,250 (no VAT)

Care Assistant/Support Worker – £850 (no VAT)

We also provide a 50% refund if the individual leaves in the first 3 months and 25% up to the first 6 months of employment.

What do you get for this healthcare recruitment fee?

A member of staff who has been personally selected, background checked and interviewed ready for you to do the final interview.