Terms and Conditions


Quartz  Healthcare Ltd


Hereafter called “The company”


Terms Of business for the supply of temporary staff. These are the conditions on which you accept the service of Workers supplied by the agent.

You will be charged for work undertaken by the worker. These charges shall consist of the amount payable to or on behalf of the Worker, our commission and any expenses reimbursed all of which have been notified to you in advance, where appropriate an amount in respect of Employer’s National Insurance Contributions shall also be charged (National Insurance Contributions are chargeable where a qualified nurse works for a patient in the patient’s own home).

All charges are subject to regular review and variations will be notified to you in writing from time to time. All charges must be paid to the company including the Worker’s pay element which must not be paid to the worker direct. Although Worker’s are self-employed, the Company is required by the Inland Revenue and the Department of social Security to deduct tax and National Insurance where appropriate and is responsible for paying those elements to the Collector of Taxes.

Payment is required as per invoice terms on your confirmation letter.

The Company will have paid the Worker by the time you receive the bill, the Company reserves the right to require a deposit in an amount to be agrees as security against final payment, and all clients/establishments will be credit checked prior to supply of within 7days.

If no payment is received within 28 days and unless the Company has specifically agreed different terms a 10% surcharge will be levied on the invoice.


If you wish to reduce, cancel or amend the booked services of the worker, you must give the Company at least 24hours notice. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee being charged to you. If a Worker leaves an assignment prematurely or fails to attend, please telephone the Company branch immediately.

For short notice booking a mileage charge may be levied.


It is in your interest to ensure that a Company timesheet is signed for each assignment. Failure on your part to countersign the timesheet acts as record of the amount of time worked, upon which the charge to you is based, and is final and binding in any event whether countersigned by you or not. A £1.50 charge will be made for replacement copies. Up-to-date charge rates
will be issued immediately upon request. By signing the timesheet it is understood you have read and agreed these terms of business.

You are required to provide meals for the Workers on residential duties and adequate facilities to rest or sleep for Workers on sleeper duties. You may not deduct the cost of meals or any other type of benefit in kind for a Worker from the Company invoice.


If you employ the Worker within six months of the date the Worker was introduce to you by the Company or of the date the Worker last attended you, then the Company shall be entitled to a Transfer Fee. This one off fee will be charged in consideration of the introduction, whether the approach for the employment is made by you or by a third party on your behalf or by the Worker. If you wish to employ a Worker other than through the Company, please contact your local office to confirm the going rate.

The Company aims to satisfy the need of clients by providing equal opportunities for its Workers irrespective if their sex, age, marital status, racial or ethnic origin, physical disability or sexual orientation.

Nursing and other care may be covered by a client’s or patient’s private medical insurance. Except where the insurance policy specifically names the Company as a supplier in its conditions, the insurance claim must be made independently of our charges and you remain responsible for payment to the Company.


You must ensure that at all times you comply with the provisions of applicable statutory rules and regulations including Health and Safety Regulations, the Working Time Directive and Part Time Workers Regulations.